Family Day 2021 – Recap


Family Ministry Events

After a prolonged break due to pandemic our brothers and sisters finally got a chance for a fellowship.
The event happened at our church parking lot, where the stage was set up for the vocal, musical performance and sermon of God’s Word.
Service began with a word from the senior pastor of our church Mikhail Yurevich Avramenko.


There were participant of different age groups during the performance. Pleasant music was performed by students of musical school lead by Nikolay Neverov. There was lots of participation from variety of groups and ministries of our church. Beautiful performance of songs from symphonic band, for many years lead by Vasiliy Baliyshkanov. Adults and children also participated with signing, and all of this was for glorifiing the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ.


Family ministry amazingly served in the way to have suffiecient amount of food for all. Our youth and teenagers organized games for the kids, kids had an amazing time enjoying the jumping houses.


At that day, the weather should have been super hot, however Lord’s people asked for a good weather from God. The prayers had been heard, the cooler breeze came in, the heat lifted and we happened to have a wonderful weather to relax and enjoy beautiful Californian air and warmth.
This evening gave an opportunity to meet new people and have a fellowship with each other. In conclusion our guest speaker Veniamin Kondar shared God’s Word and ended with concluding prayer.

This is the overview of our church family get together and we can say as Apostal Paul said “…do it all for the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31)

CEO of Bryte Church
Yuriy Sheiko

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