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There is a deep sense of unease in our rapidly changing world. We all know something has been lost but don’t know why. Culture says it’s all about me – that love means self-satisfaction, that status and appearance are what really count. And this self-destructive perspective has also infiltrated the church as confusion replaces conviction. The way back, the path of hope, starts with knowing God for who He really is. The Real God and how He longs for You to see Him!

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The month of October our church celebrates Harvest, a time of fall which reminds us to think of the harvest we have in our lives. God has given each of us unique abilities, talents, and gifts and He wants us to use them to reap great fruits for his kingdom. As we get into this October and the celebrations consider what seeds and planting have you done or need to do? What have you reaped or need to gather? What will you bring as a gift of thanks to God and his people? Time is precious and limited, the Harvest is plenty, let us be great and many workers! Read More


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